Jason Trask Obituary: How Did He Die? Baseball Coach Cause Of Death

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Baseball Coach Jason Trask Obituary– Trask, the South Shore Baseball coach, died away on December 26. Trask was only 45 years old. Several family members and parents of the children Jason had trained rushed to social media to express their gratitude to the baseball instructor. Jason was a long-time coach and general manager for the South Shore Baseball Club.

Jason was a catcher in his prime and walked on as Southern New Hampshire’s second-best catcher. Jason previously expressed his desire to manage a baseball club and engage in business on the South Baseball Club’s website when he was 23 years old. The Trask family has not revealed the reason for Jason’s death. However, the South Shore Baseball Club’s Facebook page has said that Jason’s death was abrupt and unexpected.

Baseball Coach Jason Trask’s Obituary

Jason Trask, the South Shore Baseball Club’s coach, died unexpectedly on December 26 at the age of 45. At the South Shore Club, Trask served as both coach and director of operations. Trask graduated from Duxbury High School and then earned a degree in sports management from Southern New Hampshire University. He became the Seadogs’ head coach in 2003 after working in several minor league administration posts from 1999 to 2001.

Jason Trask

Jason participated in the Fall League for Frank Niles Jr. in high school. In his sophomore year at Duxbury, he began visiting the Hingham club and practicing additional hitting and catching. He began his career at SSBC as a second-team member on the Florida spring training tour and then became a counselor at SSBC camps and clinics.

Jason was a catcher throughout his playing career, and during his final year at Southern New Hampshire, he earned the team’s 10th Player Award with a hitting average of.350. Jason has previously served as the Director of Sales and Stadium Operations for the Richmond Braves. He also served as assistant general manager of the Fayetteville Swamp Dogs, a collegiate summer league club.

Family Pays Tributes to Trask

Jason Trask, the baseball coach, was a son, brother, and parent. His closest family members have lamented his death by posting memorials on their social media accounts. Mark and Janet Trask have just one kid, Trask. He has two sisters: Andrea Bliss and Shannon Sorensen. Andrea said on Facebook, “None of the pictures are right; none of the words are big enough for all of who he was: Jason Trask.”

My brother died today. But he is always adored.” Shannon updated her Facebook profile photo to show her, Andrea, and Jason spending Christmas together. Jason’s father, Mark, tweeted a photo of himself and his kid beside the tune “Moulin Rouge” by Helmut Zacharias and his Orchestra. Mark said that this was the same tune his parents would play while dancing around the kitchen. Janet also altered her profile photo to commemorate her son’s death.

Kathleen, Jason’s wife, has not issued any remark. The baseball coach and Kathleen had a daughter called Bailey. Kathleen is a director of business operations and insights at Sanofi, and she previously said that her daughter was interested in volleyball.

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