Kyle Troup Wife: Who Is He Married To? Explore His Relationship And Wiki

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Kyle Troup’s future wife, Breanna Stewart, was there to see her fiance’s maiden US Open victory. The bowling pair reportedly got engaged on a cruise last month. Troup, 32, started seeing Stewart in 2021, and when the bowler opted to be with Breanna, he also became a father figure to her two children from a previous relationship.

Troup is a bowling legend with 11 PBA Tour titles, including two major championships and two victories in the PBA Playoffs. In 2021, he also had a record-breaking earnings year, collecting around $500,000. Breanna, her two children, Caleb and Aubrey, and Kyle’s father, Guppy Troup, saw Kyle overcome EJ Tackett, Jason Belmonte, and Anthony Simonsen in the final round. Kyle won $100,000 and the coveted green jacket.

Kyle Troup’s Wife: Is the Bowler married?

Kyle Troup, a professional ten-pin bowler, has no wife and is not married. However, the bowler does have a fiancée called Breanna Stewart. Kyle was determined to make 2024 a memorable year from the outset. On January 7, Breanna published a slideshow of photos from their voyage. One of the photos shows Breanna with a rock in her finger, implying that the bowler had proposed to her. Troup initially emerged on Breanna’s social media pages in 2021.

Kyle Troup

Breanna had posted a couple photos of them attending a close friend’s wedding ceremony. She then shared photos with Kyle a year later. The two could be seen enjoying their holiday, with Breanna writing the photo, “The beach is better with someone special.” A few comments on Breanna’s post suggest that the two may have split up for a spell and have lately restarted their relationship. But, since 2022, Kyle and Breanna have posted multiple photos of themselves enjoying events together.

Breanna’s social media account indicates that she enjoys bowling and has competed in bowling contests. Previously, in 2021, Louisville Metro USBC recognized Breanna on her 300th game in a team event competition. Breanna had been a mother of two children before meeting Kyle. She has a 13-year-old son, Caleb, and a seven-year-old daughter, Aubrey. Breanna’s son, Caleb, loves football, and Breanna recently shared some images from Kyle and Caleb’s trip to a Carolina Panthers game. The two children have also attended multiple bowling events to support their father and were there when Kyle won the US Open.

Kyle Troup Parents & Family

The American bowler is Guppy and Sherri Troup’s eldest son. Kyle’s mother, Sherri Troup, died in 2020 after a brief fight with cancer. Kyle posted a heartfelt birthday tribute to his mother earlier this year, on January 8. He shared a photo of her wearing a T-shirt that stated “Warning.” Bowling Mom. “I’ll cheer loudly.”

Kyle captioned the image, “I’m off to Wichita for the start of the 2024 PBA Tour.” I know you’re quite anxious to see Jesper and me kick some buttocks. There have been so many blessings over the last several years that I wish you could have seen. I know you’ve made it all possible by looking over me. Breanna and the children would have adored you.”

Unfortunately, Breanna and Sherri never met, but Kyle’s father, Guppy Troup, has a close relationship with his son and future family. Kyler, a former professional bowler, followed his father’s path. Throughout his career, Guppy won eight national championships and 41 PBA Regional Tour tournaments. Gubby’s distinct wardrobe style, which included sunglasses, jewelry, and colorful slacks, drew a lot of attention during his peak years. Guppy said in an interview that when Kyle was old enough to travel, he would accompany his father to numerous bowling venues.

Kyle Troup

Kyle said that growing up, he felt pressured due of his father’s fame, but he considered himself lucky to have met bowling luminaries like as Tommy Jones, Norm Duke, and Jason Couch at such an early age. Kyle’s younger brother, Tyler Troup, is a contract coordinator with Performance Food Group. He earlier earned a degree in music industry from Catawba Valley Community College. The professional bowler’s younger brother attends bowling tournaments with his family. He has also been spotted trying his hand at bowling and is now single.

Kyle Troup’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kyle Troup is worth $2 million. Kyle set the earnings record in 2021, earning $496,900 in a single season, surpassing Walter Ray Williams Jr., who earned $419,700 in 2002. Kyle’s career earnings surpassed $1 million in 2022, and he received the ESPY Award for Best Bowler. Kyle’s most successful season prior to 2021 came in 2018, when he earned $79,546. Despite his success, the bowler remains one of the most modest and down-to-earth individuals in the sport, and it’s possible that humility has helped him advance in his career.

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