Who Are Kelvin Davis And Keon Sivad? Meet Keyshawn Davis Brother: Family Details

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American professional boxer Keyshawn Davis has two brothers, Kelvin Davis and Keon Davis, who are also boxers. The Davis brothers are advancing in the boxing world, reaching new heights every day. They are generating a solid reputation and money from their thriving profession. Likewise, the brothers’ relationship is evident. However, they want to battle each other in the ring. Keyshawn Davis (born February 27, 1999) is an American boxer recognized for his athletic achievements.

Before becoming a professional, he earned silver medals at the 2019 Pan American Games, 2019 World Championships, and 2020 Summer Olympics while training at the Alexandria Boxing Club. The 5-foot-9-inch tall boxer began his professional career on February 27, 2021, with an outstanding victory against Lester Brown, who used hard blows to clinch the win. On May 8, 2021, Kayshawn won every round against Jose Antonio Meza, demonstrating his endurance. His most recent victory occurred on February 8, 2024, in Las Vegas, when the young boxer beat Jose Pedraza by TKO in the sixth round.

Keyshawn Davis’ Brother, Kelvin Davis

Keyshawn Davis’ older brother, Kelvin Davis, is also a boxer. According to reports, Wanda Davis was the mother of the Davis brothers. Unfortunately, information about their biological father remains unknown. Kelvin began his boxing career early and has swiftly achieved multiple victories and triumphs. Kelvin Davis, a junior welterweight, knocked out Michael Honesto in the second round in his Ring City USA debut at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Los Angeles.

Keyshawn Davis
Keyshawn Davis Brother Kelvin Davis And Keon Sivad

Both boxers were making their professional debut at the time. Similarly, Kelvin began strong, knocking Honesto down in the opening round and almost finishing the fight before the bell rang. According to reports, Kelvin, an American boxer, proceeded to dominate in the second round, finishing the bout fast with his speed and hard left punch. Kelvin expressed satisfaction with his victory, stating that he was anxious at first but found his rhythm once the battle started.

Interestingly, his younger brother, Keyshawn Davis, watched the bout from the ringside and was pleased with his brother’s performance. Kelvin seems to be living a single life since there is no mention of his partner or love life. His Instagram feed, on the other hand, provides a window into both his personal and professional life.

Younger Brother Keon Davis

Keon Davis, Kayshawn’s younger brother, is 22 years old. He made his boxing debut in 2012. The boxing persona is ranked second in the United States out of 160. He has shown incredible skill in his bouts. Aside from being the younger brother of two really good fighters, Keon has forged his career in the boxing world. He may soon shatter his siblings’ records and become a household celebrity in the sports world.

Keyshawn Davis

Like his brothers, he is an enthusiastic social media user. He enjoys sharing his personal and professional life on social media. In addition, Keon previously said in an interview that he may fight his brothers if the money is right.

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