Who Is Ashley Coen? Meet Liam Coen Wife: Married Life And Kids Detail

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Ashley Coen, Liam Coen’s wife, recently revealed that they are expecting a second son. So far, the football coach and his family have had a successful start to 2024. When Liam met Ashley on a dating platform, he was already an experienced coach. The couple married in 2021 and had their first kid, Jackson, the same year.

Ashley was an executive producer stationed in Los Angeles before her marriage to Liam. Following their wedding, the pair relocated to Lexington, where Liam coached for a year before returning to the Rams. Liam returned to Kentucky as an offensive coordinator in 2023, and he is currently ready to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL. Coen is replacing Dave Canales and has already gained clearance from QB Baker Mayfield.

Meet Ashley, Liam Coen’s Wife

Ashley Coen, Liam’s wife, had long been a football lover before meeting the coach. Ashley said in one of her interviews that Peyton Manning was her first QB crush. Ashley was born on October 8, 1986, in the Philippines. Her family relocated to the United States in 1991, after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, which destroyed the military installation. Ashley’s father served in the Air Force, therefore the family opted to relocate to the United States.

Liam Coen

Her parents split shortly after the family landed in the United States, although she maintained a close relationship with both her mother and father. She remained with her mother until high school, then moved to her father’s house in Northern Virginia. During her conversation with Kelly Stafford, Ashely mentioned that she traveled throughout the nation with her parents and attended 11 different schools. So she was ready to be a football coach’s wife. Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, was also able to get some amusing facts from Ashley, such as how she met the football coach. Most football coaches and players’ spouses met their better halves in college or high school.

That wasn’t the case with Liam and Ashley. Liam had been a football coach for 10 years before to meeting Ashley. The two met on the dating app Hinge, and Liam made the first move. Ashley initially refused his overtures. The football coach persisted, and they eventually went on their first date on New Year’s Eve. When Ashley met Liam, she was an executive producer at a visual effects business. Previously, she worked as a director’s representative. Ashley left her work once COVID struck, and the football lifestyle got the better of her.

Liam and Ashley Have A Baby Boy

Liam was coaching the Rams when he met Ashley. He made his first appearance on Ashley’s Instagram account in 2020, in a picture dump. The coach was observed attempting to touch Ashley’s beloved dog, who had previously been seen wearing a Rams shirt. The pair soon made things official, with Ashley uploading a collection of photos from when Liam got down on one knee. Ashley uploaded a snapshot on January 20, 2021, of herself showing off her diamond ring as Liam kissed her on the forehead. Ashley followed up with a post outlining the moment Liam proposed to her on the Malibu pier.

Liam Coen

Ashley revealed two months after their engagement that Baby Coen will arrive in August 2021. She released a gender reveal video, which was shot in their living room and merely required exploding a balloon rather than lighting fire to a forest. On August 23, 2021, the couple became first-time parents to Jackson Ford Coen. Liam and Ashley also married in 2021, but have yet to publish any photos from their ceremony. Ashley has posted many family images on Instagram, and she revealed last month that she and Liam were expecting a baby boy at the end of June.

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